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    Authentic Old-World flavor and quality that have delighted customers for generations.

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Sienna Bakery

Sienna Bakery is a collection of inspired baked goods and doughs that tantalize the senses. We start with the finest ingredients, carefully craft each item using time-honored techniques, and then deliver them to you in a variety of convenient forms. The result: a “baked-from-scratch” impression that leaves everyone smiling.

Fresh bakery items distinguish you from your competition, and Sienna Bakery makes it easy to offer them any time of the day. Choose from: pre-formed doughs, partially-baked or thaw-and-serve products. Quickly and easily deliver fresh bakery goods without spending hours creating from scratch. You’ll love the bakery-fresh experience.

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Where We Serve

Sienna Bakery products are exclusively available to businesses via Gordon Food Service truck delivery and at GFS Marketplace stores. Check to see which services are available in your area.

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It is our goal to make your food service business thrive.  Tell us about your business needs and how we can help you distinguish yourself with Sienna Bakery products.

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