Chocolate Turtle Brownies, 12 x 16

A rich, moist brownie is iced with creamy caramel, then topped with chopped pecans, the finest chocolate curls, and a generous drizzle of velvety chocolate. An indulgent dessert that makes an impressive presentation for any occasion or catered event.

There’s more than one way to slice a brownie – use our brownie cutting guide below for tips on how to slice brownies.

Brownie Cutting Guide

Reorder No. 541850

Case Pack: 4 ct.


Preparation Instructions:

Store frozen. Thaw under refrigeration. Cut thawed bars to desired serving size and place on serving tray. Cover and store under refrigeration. Use thawed product within 5 days.

Quick Tip

Decorate plate with caramel or chocolate sauce and serve warm. Cut frozen for a clean slice and uniform portions.

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