Double Chocolate Chunk, 2.25 oz.

Premium Belgian Callebaut chocolate lets chocolate aficionados know they’re in for a gourmet cookie experience. Milk chocolate cookie dough is filled with rich, semi-sweet and milk chocolate chunks to transform this cookie into a chewy indulgence. Only the finest ingredients go into these cookies, so each is consistently delectable. Serve with confidence as they exceed expectations in taste, generous portion size, and hand-crafted appearance. Cookies measure approximately 4 inches in diameter. Trans-fat free.

Reorder No. 248130

Case Pack: 4/48 ct.


Baking Instructions

Frozen:  11 - 14 mins.

Bake Temp:  375°

Preparation Instructions:

Do not thaw; bake from frozen.

Quick Tip

Crumble cookies, line cake pan, fill with chocolate ice cream and freeze, top with melted chocolate and cut into squares.

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