Petit Pain, Assorted (French, Onion Dill, Multigrain), 2 oz.

Assortment of onion dill, French, and multigrain small rolls is parbaked and frozen. Case contains two 25 count bags of each variety. Interiors of rolls are tender and chewy and the exteriors are lightly crispy. Surface of each roll is scored with one well-defined, longitudinal cut. These are perfect for a bread basket offering.

Reorder No. 512630

Case Pack: 150 ct.


Baking Instructions

Frozen:  5 - 13 mins.

Thawed:  8 - 10 mins.

Bake Temp:  400°

Preparation Instructions:

Bake from frozen or for best results, thaw 30 minutes then bake in preheated oven.

Quick Tip

Serve warm with soup or dinner entrees as a variety basket.

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