French Parisian Bites with Brie, Pecan, & Honey

Yield: Serves 6-7
Reorder No.DescriptionAmount
612461Sienna Bakery Parisian Loaf, diagonally sliced1 each
705130Brie, cut into thin strips6 oz.
134830GFS Pecans48-60 each
217523GFS HoneyTo taste

Preparation Instructions

Wash hands.Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper (trimmed to the size of the cookie sheet with no overhanging paper) and distribute the baguette slices evenly on top. Top each baguette slice with a piece of brie and 2 pecan halves. Arrange the top oven rack to between 2-4 inches from the broil element, and place the cookie sheet in the oven. Do not let the baguette slices or paper touch the top of the oven.Set the oven to broil (maximum temperature), and continuously watch the baguettes. Broil for 2 – 3 minutes or until the brie has started to melt and the pecans have started to toast. Do not overcook pecans. Remove the toasted baguette bites, and drizzle honey over each slice.