P.B.A. Dutch Crunch

Yield: Serves 24
Ancho Marmalade Recipe
Reorder No.DescriptionAmount
879130Granny Smith Apples1 oz.
107891Pan & Grill Oil1 Tbsp.
200778Jumbo Spanish Onions1 oz.
219090Sienna Bakery Dutch Crunch Roll1 Each
183245Smooth Peanut Butter3 oz.
RecipeAncho Marmalade1 Tbsp.
562688Fresh Basil1 1/2 oz.
106968Extra Heavy Duty Mayonnaise16 oz.
224138Orange Marmalade16 oz.
748570Ancho Chili Seasoning4 Tbsp.

Preparation Instructions

Wash hands. Peel, quarter and slice the apple thin on a Japanese mandolin. Place the slices in the water. Place on paper toweling to drain as needed. Add the oil to a heated saute pan. Add onions to the pan. Saute until browned and tender. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Slice the bread in half lengthwise. Place the halves back together. Place the bread in a heated 350F convection oven. Cook until bread is golden brown, crunchy and is just warmed through. To prevent over browning of crumbs, place in 350F convection if necessary to finish warming through. Spread peanut butter on the bottom half of the bread. Spread ancho marmalade on top of the peanut butter. Spread drained apple slices on top of the marmalade. Place onions on top of the apples. Place 2-3 basil leaves (depending on size) on top of the onions. Place on a warmed serving plate.

Ancho Marmalade – Preparation Instructions

Wash hands. Place the mayonnaise, orange marmalade and ancho seasoning in a stainless steel bowl. Mix thoroughly. Transfer to a covered storage container and refrigerate until needed, up to 6 days.